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Article: Prom dresses for every shape

Prom dresses for every shape
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Prom dresses for every shape

Prom night will always be one of the biggest events on your social calendar, so it is of the utmost importance that you look your best. However, looking your best does not always mean wearing the hot trend of the moment worn by the likes of Karlie Kloss and co; for a show stopping look you need to dress for your shape while referencing the fads of the hour rather than dressing in cuts that will only look good on six foot supermodels. This is where we come in, showing you some of the most stylish but still flattering looks for the big event. With this guide we have no doubt it will be a night to remember! APPLE SHAPED Apple friendly frocks: Kelly Ewing Sydney Dress in Nude, ¬£155, Kate Fearnley Buttercup Dress in Multi-Colour, Was ¬£167, Now ¬£83.50. Top tip: Stop focusing on what you don't like about your apple shaped body and accentuate the bits you love. We're all jealous of apple girls' lithe limbs so there is no need to cover them up in full length gowns. Instead go for short, fun frocks that make the most of your toned arms and legs while covering up problem areas i.e. an undefined waist. The great thing about these prom dresses is that they both cinch you in at the middle (the belt being apple girls' best weapon!) and the full skirt will give the illusion of an exaggerated silhouette. This Kelly Ewing Sydney dress has an added bonus with the peter pan collar which draws focus away from your waist to balance you out and is a cute, boyish addition. Equally the bold pattern on this Kelly Ewing dress is perfect for spring. Shop all dresses for apple shapes here. HOURGLASS Hourglass enhancing gowns: HMH Couture Euterpe Dress in Pale Pink, ¬£200, Elliot Claire Lindsey Purple Chiffon Evening Dress, ¬£426. Top tip: Choose dresses that mould to your enviable in and out shape. With your über womanly figure you already have the tools to fill out an evening gown brilliantly; your only problem is keeping a harness on your super sexy style and, ahem, assets, to make sure you stay on the classy side of glamour rather than top shelf... This can be achieved by choosing dresses that flatter your chest rather than flaunting it, such as this Euterpe dress from HMH Couture. With a high neck you're covered up up top, but the cutaway side detail shows off your teeny tiny waist. Also the pale pink shade gives the illusion of skin without actually having it all out thus maintaining that sexy look for real Grecian glamour. This Elliot Clare dress also keeps your sexiness in check but does so with pretty embellishment detail and on-trend purple. Perfect for a more formal affair. Shop all dress for hourglass figures here. BOYISH SHAPE Dress for model-like proportions: Elliot Clare Chinese Inspired A-line Evening Dress, ¬£255, Gorgeous Couture Harlow Maxi Dress in Sapphire, ¬£232. Top tip: Opt for structured, streamlined gowns in light-weight fabrics. While it is the look commonly sported by catwalk models, being skinny does not always translate to evening wear as your delicate frame can end up being drowned in too much fabric. You need to choose gowns that compliment your gamine body rather than swamping it, such as this stunning, embellished Elliot Clare number. The tight fit and cupped bust will give the image of curves so creating a slim, swan like outline that is the height of elegance. For a bolder choice this Gorgeous Couture gown in a brilliant shade of sapphire pulls you in at the waist while the draped material gives you hips and a bust. Shop all dresses for boyish body shapes here. PEAR SHAPED Pear shaped-friendly frocks: Ruby Ray Floor Length Ombre Chiffon Dress in Blue, ¬£230, Kate Fearnley Minnie Peplum Dress in Monochrome, ¬£175. Top tip: Balance a heavy bottom half with exposed shoulders or a full, flowing skirt. As a pear you have the delicate shoulders that were made for strapless dresses (a prom night staple) but your Kim Kardashian-esque hips and bum are sometimes better suited to a bikini than an evening gown. To combat this flaunt your décolletage with our bestselling Ruby Ray dress: its ombre design is totally on-trend while the flowing skirt disguises fuller hips. Another trick is to balance out your shoulders with your lower half, using detail such as the quirky ruffles on this Kate Fearnley design to draw the eye up. Two very different designs, one sexy body shape. You're spoiled for choice! Shop all dresses for pear shapes here. CURVY GIRLS Curvy couture: Elliot Claire Sparkling Blue V Neck Evening Dress, ¬£294, Elliot Claire Jewelled Asymmetrical Silver Prom Dress, ¬£265. Top tip: Look out for flattering details like capped sleeves, waistbands and peek-a-boo lace to flaunt your feminine shape. With your fiercely feminine figure you want to make the most of your assets while smoothing over any unwanted lumps and bumps. Luckily for curvy girls, this is something that evening dresses cater to perfectly, especially full-length ones. We have chosen two Elliot Clare designer gowns for your look as they are simply made for a fuller figure. This sparkling, sky blue number has capped sleeves that are totally flattering while the block glitter shows off a good cleavage. In the same way the asymmetrical silver gown covers up with trend conscience lace for a look that says mysterious rather than matronly. Shop all dresses for curvy body shapes here. PETITE SHAPES Pretty in petite prom dresses: Bourne Ria Dress in Floral, ¬£159, Kelly Ewing Ashleigh Dress, ¬£150. With a petite frame you have a lot of freedom to experiment with statement shades and patterns. What you have to avoid however is the cutesy side of the spectrum such as frills and bows as you don't want to end up looking like an overgrown doll. Instead try sexy or unusual styles that keep things sophisticated and cool. These are two perfect examples as the Kelly Ewing is a quirky take on the traditional with drapery detail, while the Bourne pencil dress is just pure, pretty in print fun. Also both leave your shoulders uncovered, an important detail for the petite girl as high-neck designs can overwhelm you. SS13 style made easy for small ladies. Shop all dresses for petite shapes here. Shop all prom dresses here.

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