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Article: Prom Style - Celebrity Edition: Who Takes the Crown for You?

Prom Style - Celebrity Edition: Who Takes the Crown for You?

Prom Style - Celebrity Edition: Who Takes the Crown for You?

CELEB-PROMOMG! Our gorgeous favourite celebrities are pictured here as teens about to go to prom. Do you recognise anyone? Which is your fav? It's all about proms at the moment, with girls around the world getting themselves ready to waltz onto the dance floor like an A-lister at an awards ceremony. But what looks did our favourite A-listers go for? We've selected our favourites, and our not-so-favourites, for you to look over and enjoy!

Jennifer Aniston


Everyone's favourite friend has been turning heads on the red carpet for more than 20 years. But it seems those head-turning looks started way before her big TV break. Keeping it simple and elegant, Jen opted for a strapless LBD, in what we can only describe as a very understated prom look, especially for its time. Luckily she was still a few years away from her signature ‘Rachel' haircut, which she now claims to despise.

Meryl Streep

The three-time Academy Award winner has been a film favourite for decades, but her sixties prom look is another performance that's won us over. In a simple mini-dress, Meryl was a girl of the times in the Swinging Sixties. Throw in a statement tiara and it's a prom look worthy of its own Oscar.

Taylor Swift


The country pop sensation may have only attended her prom a few years ago, but that doesn't stop her being high on our list. She's kept it simple, just like our other favourites, and only gone for some statement earrings as accessories. Although it would be a few years until Taylor really began to own the red carpet, you can see her fashion sense was beginning to evolve like her music career.

Angelina Jolie


She's one of the world's most beautiful women, an Oscar-winning actress, humanitarian and style icon in her own right. However, long before her LBD leg-popping days, Ange made a slight mistake when it came to her prom styling. Although the dress is clean and minimalist like our favourite celebrity prom looks, I'm afraid we just can't get over that thing around her neck, which reminds us of something from ancient Egypt.

Britney Spears

Britney Via

The teen pop sensation was just about to take the world by storm with her debut single; which is more than can be said for her prom look. Although she's known for having a rather unique taste in clothing, who could forget that double denim disaster? This dress just summed up her ambition to one day become a Las Vegas show girl; a dream now fulfilled.


Rihanna Via

Known for her bold fashion statements, it looks like Rihanna's fierce and fearless style didn't take shape until her career had taken off. Far from her bold Met Gala look or Grammy looks from 2015, both of which got the world talking, her prom dress was a simple blue number. And although we like simplicity, this shouts ‘summer BBQ' rather than ‘once in a lifetime dress'. Sorry RiRi.

Make sure you're on the best-dressed list for your ow prom and head over to our prom dresses section of the website to find something fabulous. It'll be good practice for when you eventually walk the red carpet!

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