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Article: Suitcase Savvy - Packing Goals

Suitcase Savvy - Packing Goals
Fashion Fix

Suitcase Savvy - Packing Goals

Packing goals

How to pack the perfect suitcase for holiday heaven . . . teamLBD guides you through the dos and don'ts so you keep your cool this summer. . .and all you have to worry about is what ice-cream to order. . .

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Bookworm recommendations for Suitcase Savvy trips

rich people problems by Kevin Kwan image of book cover
Rich People Problems' by Kevin Kwan

The gripping story of the Shang-Young family and an estate which hangs in the balance. . . a sure page turner. (May 23, Random House)

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier

Daphne du Maurier Rachel book cover suitcase savvy
Coming to cinemas this summer. Read it first. My Cousin Rachel is a romantic thriller full of twists and turns. The film stars Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin and Holliday Grainger.
Top tips for suitcase packing header text

Save hassle and be realistic - buy the travel-sized beauty products. No you don't need to pack a giant sized toothpaste, shampoo and the whole bathroom cabinet. Also beware of fragrant perfumes as these can attract mosquitos - so leave them at home. If you're travelling with family and friends, each pack a different item and share.

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It really is so much simpler when you have less to lug around. Ask yourself: "Do I really need these stiletto heels? Blessed are the list-makers, see below. Wear outfits multiple times with different accessories. Better too little than too many dresses.

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List making for suitcase savvy tips

Don't be random. Aimless attempts to pack last minute because you simply can't be bothered, is a guaranteed fail. Yes, we know you are ready for a holiday, but plan your outfits and you really will thank yourself when you're carrying a lightweight suitcase around at the airport.

Step four - mix and match holiday outfits

Mix and match items – you really don't need to take the equivalent of three distinct outfits a day – and remember you can wash clothes when you're away too (mini washing fluid).

Of course, we would love you to splash out on a whole new wardrobe, but be sensible and invest carefully. Perhaps it's a lightweight shawl you'll wear constantly, quality day wedges or compact gadgets ...

Roll up your dresses to guarantee fewer creases. Or pop in a versatile playsuit. Also make sure space is used by tucking smaller items inside shoes, for instance, and removing things from unnecessary bulky packaging wherever possible.

Make sure those vital documents (passport, ticket, hotel details etc) are all securely stored together, so you know exactly where they are and can access them quickly when needed. Don't just grab your usual handbag, cluttered with mystery items from way back when.

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Bon Voyage!Love TEamLBD image

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