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Article: Team LBD meets Bill Skinner

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Team LBD meets Bill Skinner

Tucked away in the quaint village of Otley, Kent, lies Bill Skinner's design and manufacturing heaven. His family run business has been providing the fashion industry with their fine jewellery design and craftsmanship since the 80s. This year Bill Skinner decided to take the brand to the next level, launching his debut jewellery range- and Team LBD couldn't be more excited! From sleek gold bees atop finely finished rings to rose gold horse bracelets this collection does not disappoint. Bill's keen eye and innovative jewellery design delivers a range of jewellery to the smart and sophisticated woman who wants a show-stopping piece to inject a little personality into her little black dress. So give the LBD a back seat and let your jewellery do the talking... You've designed jewellery for a number of impressive designers and high street brands in the past. Who are they? I've designed for Vivienne Westwood, Zandra Rhodes and Roland Mouret. Vivenne westwood was fun and Roland Mouret was such an amzing and creative man. Then there's the high end precious jewellers who we've worked with such as Asprey, Elizabeth Gage and Butler and Wilson. How does it feel to have creations on catwalk? It feels great but I am so used to now. I have had many things on the catwalk. What is like to be involved in a fashion show? It is absolutely amazing to see your creations on the catwalk. Ultimately the clothes are the most important items on the catwalk, everything else is an after thought on the catwalk but its nice to see your jewellery pull an outfit together. Have you had any nightmares when making pieces for such prestigious labels? So many nightmares but there are always nightmares. The worst one was when I had to design a badge for a young man. So many creatives and designers were involved in the piece that by the time it got to me I had just ¬£2 left to make the piece. I therefore had to use a material with a low melting point. The gentlemen put the item on his car and it melted in the sun, I wasn't the most popular person when that happened!  What are your favourite pieces from your debut collection now available at I would definitely say the bee collection. I do love the bees! This particular design have worked out really well and I think its because they can be worn both evening or day. They are really lovely. Do you like a woman in a little black dress and why? I like all women, I really do! And yes, I certainly like a woman in a little black dress. I think it is a very smart look indeed, whatever the occasion. You just cannot go wrong with a little an LBD! Who would you like to see wearing your new designs? A smart and fashionable lady of any age. Someone who likes to have striking, statement making jewels on their arm and isn't afraid to stand out. Someone like my wife, she always wears my pieces.  Are there any celebrities wearing your jewellery? Cheryl Cole! And of course there' s Princess Anne... How did it make you feel to design a diamond broach for Princess Anne? Well, it just felt marvellous, it really did. How did that opportunity arise? Princess Anne is a patron for over 200 charities including the Riding for the Disabled charity and she is also the president of the City and Guilds and it was her turn to head the meeting. One of the chaps at her talk suggested they design a rose piece and call it the 'Princess Anne' and give the profit to charity. There was a jeweller present who suggested developing this in to a brooch and then I got a call. It was an amazing experience designing the brooch and even better personally presenting the first one to Princess Anne herself.  And lastly, what's it like running the business with your family? It is absolutely great! My son has just started working with me and he is so ambitious and has such drive. It's me that works for him now I just love simply spending time with him and that I can combine this with doing what I love- it's brilliant.

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