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Article: Team LBD’s 2016 Style Resolutions

Team LBD’s 2016 Style Resolutions
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Team LBD’s 2016 Style Resolutions

happy-new-eyar We know resolutions can mean the big things, improving health and fitness or making that next big career step, for example, but it can also be about the small things (there's nothing bigger, are we right?) like reading more, vowing to spend more quality time with family, or promising to wear less black (yeah right). A new year encompasses more fabulous events, bigger parties, celebrating longer anniversaries and (sadly) more birthdays, as well as new unworn trends and exciting new styles. And we're all about the style, naturally. We've got our new spring collection excitedly awaiting its debut, fresh features for you to enjoy from our all-encompassing 2016 events to the big SS16 Trend Guide, and lots of exciting LBD news to announce. But back to the resolutions, let's keep it light. We asked the team, ‘What's your 2016 style resolution?' Alice, E-Commerce To get out of my comfort zone and try some new styles and trends – step away from the everyday jeans and jumpers! 2016 is time to mix things up a little. Jenna, Graphic Designer I really ought to invest in a timeless LBD – I bought so many party dresses this year, I'm going to make it my mission to find The One. Megan, E-Commerce My resolution is to accessorise more – I know it's nothing new but I really do want to! I'm going to look to Olivia Palermo for inspiration – that girl knows her jewellery. Ella, Wholesale I swear I'm going to start wearing more colour…every year I do but for 2016 I really mean it. Sort of. Emma, Content Manager I'd really like to think about what I buy more and invest in pieces that have longevity. If it's not a classic or a future classic, I'm not buying it. Well, I'm going to try and not to! Ruby, Customer Services Mine's to introduce more feminine pieces into my wardrobe, like dresses and skirts. Even for just one or two days a week. Easy does it! Nathalie, Editor I'm going to embrace this year's love of everything pretty, from rose pink and pale yellow hues to great big floaty skirts! There's a definite return to femininity in 2016. And now it's your turn, what's your 2016 style resolution?

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