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Article: Team LBD's top New Year's Eve dresses

Team LBD's top New Year's Eve dresses
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Team LBD's top New Year's Eve dresses

New Year's Eve is officially the biggest party of the year which equals an equally large scale dress hunt. Here's our selection of the top New Year's Eve dresses from to point you in the right direction on your holiday season dress hunt. Will you go for attention-grabbing glamour, be a festive fashionista, or opt for some season's sequins? Read on and take your pick...

Attention-grabbing glamour

If you like to stand out in a crowd and are drawn to detailed digital prints and embellishments, these below three dresses will be right up your street. Choose from some serious sequin style courtesy of Forever Unique, a daring digital print design by Tramp in Disguise, or a dash of 1920s party glamour from Lipstick Boutique.

Get the look: Forever Unique Brooklyn Dress in Nude, £275; Tramp in Disguise Arethusa Dress, £387; Lipstick Boutique Blossom Dress in Nude, £75.

Festive fashionista

If you're feeling the festive fashionista vibe this New Years and want a simple yet stylish design, you've come to the right place. These dresses are distinctly fashion forward and still timeless in their style. Take your pick from this Gorgeous Couture two-tone green and black dress, a colour block hoop dress from Geeks and Stitches, or the Ultimate LBD for the finest in figure flattering effects.

Get the look: Gorgeous Couture Two-Tone Bailey Dress in Apple Green, £166; Geeks and Stitches Black Hoop Dress, £177; The Ultimate LBD - Short, £75.

Season's sequins Step into the festive season in style with a sequin dress, perfect for the year's biggest party! These dresses are ideal for fans of festive glamour looking for a dress that embodies everything about the opulent holiday season. Select from these sequin showstoppers and sparkle your way into the New Year!

Get the look: Ruby Ray Sequin Dress with Fitted Skirt, £170; Aftershock London Arban Cocktail Dress in Red, £75; Jarlo Angelene Gold Bronze Sequin Dress, £107.

Shop all New Year's Eve dresses here.

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