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Article: What's Your A-List Body Shape?

What's Your A-List Body Shape?
Fashion Fix

What's Your A-List Body Shape?

What's your A-list body shape? The right dress can increase your confidence by 110%, it's a scientific fact. Red carpets and catwalks are brimming with the latest trends, worn by celebrities. But would they suit you? Here's your ultimate guide to dressing for your unique body shape. And, did you know we have size guides for most of our dresses? So, don't forget to check them out when you shop your dream dress to make sure the fit is meeting with your actual measurements. Here's a refresh on one of our most popular blogs. Whether you're curvy like Amy Schumer, athletic aka Gwynyth Paltrow, pear like Jennifer Anniston, or hourglass like Kim Kardashian, making the most of your body shape is easy with some simple style rules.


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What's Your A-List Body Shape? Confidence is key

Firstly, can wearing the right dress change your life and boost confidence? Studies from as far back as 2012, show that wearing your social armour is crucial in altering how you approach and interact with the world improving your confidence. (For science fans, read evidence from a study published on the 'Journal of Experimental Social Psychology's website 2012). This study shows if you have a strong cultural association with a garment, wearing it can affect your cognitive processes.

This phenomenon is called enclothed cognition. In simple language, wearing the right dress can improve your self confidence - and with confidence you can do anything! Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire said that specific clothing can improve your confidence in her book, Mind What You Wear. Another piece of evidence comes from a snippet from keynote speaker & bestselling author, Margie Warrell with her 5th book, 'You've Got This! The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself' which is out March 2020.

Margie says in Forbes Magazine: "Often people think of confidence as something that the lucky few are born with and the rest are left wishing for. Not true. Confidence is not a fixed attribute; it's the outcome of the thoughts we think and the actions we take. No more; no less. It is not based on your actual ability to succeed at a task but your belief in your ability to succeed." So, in a nutshell, wearing the right dress can improve your confidence. It's that simple.

Apple Shapes

Firstly, you are all fabulous. Embrace your body and tell yourself every day that you are beautiful. You. Are. Beautiful. Repeat it often. And here's a quick and easy guide to making the most of your stunning shape. If you're an apple shape, you carry weight on your middle with slim arms and legs. A bit like Amy Schumer. So we say, flaunt your best bits a short dress will accentuate those pins whilst a scoop or V-neck will draw the eyes upwards.
Separates worn in two complementary colours are fabulous for lengthening the body as are empire line dresses drawing the eyeline underneath the bust.
Tunic and shift dresses are another superb choice; their structured shape covers up the central area and sleeveless styles are great for showing off lithe limbs.

Many dresses will be perfect for you, perfect for skimming inches with a long tie waist which draws the eye downwards.

Pear Shapes - What's Your A-List Body Shape?

So, let's look at pear shaped women. Remember we are all awesome and if you're blessed with a pear silhouette you are typically wider in the hip with extra weight on the bottom and thighs. 

Smaller bust

Often pear shapes have a smaller bust. Look how fabulous Jennifer Anniston looks this season turning everyone's heads, including impressing her ex Brad Pitt. This is a popular body shape to be. Lucky you you can wear maxi dresses and midi dress designs as well as fit and flare wide leg jumpsuits.

Try our gorgeous  maxi dresses for perfect party vibes. Choose feathers creating drama on the slimmer upper half of the body. Or maybe the lace fit-and-flare on our cocktail dresses would be an option??

And finally, don't forget large ruffles, statement lapels and sleeves with eye-catching detail also draw attention to your top half, as will accessorising with statement necklaces, earrings and neck scarves. Shop our Ruffles vibes for extra costume drama.

Shapes What's Your A-List Body Shape? blog


Hourglass Body Shape

Well, ladies gaze in the mirror and see the goddess that you are. . .think Kim Kardashian, or Marilyn Monroe for our slightly more mature customers. Opt for bodycon styles to hug those curves and say: "Hey, look at me." Our bodycon collection has a large range of luxury gowns perfect for race days and the up and coming wedding season.

Athletic Body Shape

So, calling all those inspirational women who are smashing it both on and off the field whether it's the England Women's football and netball players, or those gym bunnies who adore the working out arena. This section is for all strong women who love to feel the power of their physical bodies, here's the best dresses for you. Show off your slender shape, opt for floor-length maxi dresses to drape elegantly across your tall physique. Jumpsuits are also perfect and have a fabulous feeling of movement and grace. Try our LadyFlare  range of jumpsuits suits they're hand made to order and sustainable. Oh, and did we add luxury?

Show off broader shoulders with Bardot necklines and choose fitted dresses to really make our eye go pop. We're loving black dresses Or try the new bodycon minis by Pleat Boutique.



Still not sure what's your A-List body shape? Well, if you're blessed with curves, think Ashley Graham, the activist and model who is well known for depicting women as they are. Ashley not only captures the essence of being beautiful, as a plus size model, she is always campaigning for people to celebrate REAL women. If curves are your thing look for sparkle you just can't go wrong with sequins and embellishments across the neckline. We love Gatsby dresses for the pure razzmatazz of their vintage flapper dresses be bold and fabulous this party season.

Or try our curve range with sizes 18 plus. 

Unique What's Your A-List Body Shape? Blog LBD

Accept who you are

So, finally. Have you decided what's your A-List body shape? Remember, whatever your shape, size, colour, religion or gender. It's important to celebrate the essence of who you are. You are unique. Don't let your mind bully your body, ignore the unrealistic body image expectations from social media. Acceptance does not come from the shape of the body, but from something deeper. If you want to make changes, again look within and don't ask others for permission.

Have you read our Ultimate Body Shape Guide?

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