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Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding guest dresses are landing daily with our fabulous collection of outfits now ready for your special occasion. Celebrate the... Read More

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True Decadence Pink kennedy DressKennedy pink ballgown
True Decadence Tara Aqua Maxi DressTrue Decadence Tara Aqua Tiered Pleated Maxi Dress with High Ruffle Neck
True Decadence Cream Isla Cocktail DressTrue Decadence Isla Cream Pleated Petal Skirt Midi-Dress
True Decadence Beatrice Dusty Peach Satin DressBeatrice dusty peach satin dress
Dusty Peach Delphine dressTrue Decadence Delphine Dusty Peach Midi Slip Dress
True Decadence Lilac Layla Maxi DressTrue Decadence Layla Lilac Ombre Pleated Tired Maxi-Dress
True Decadence Quinn Bright-Pastel Floral Sleeveless Tiered Midi-DressQuinn bright coloured
Aurelia Blue DressRaishma Studio Blue Aurelia Print Dress
Raishma Studio Coral Freya DressRaishma Studio Coral Freya Print Dress
Trapeze satin dress in blueJosh And Nicol Trapeze Satin Dress- Blue
Green Owis Long Shirt DressJosh And Nicol Owis Dress
Josh And Nicol Owis Dress Sale price£119.00 GBP
Sold outGold Sienna Cold Shoulder DressJosh And Nicol Sienna Cold Shoulder Dress- Beige Print
Luis Maxi DressJosh And Nicol LUI DRESS
Josh And Nicol LUI DRESS Sale price£129.00 GBP
Josh and Nicol Champagne Hylda Satin DressJosh And Nicol Hylda Satin Dress- Champagne
Joy's Closet Multi colour Tiffani DressJoy's Closet Multi Tiffani Dress
Joy's Closet Multi Tiffani Dress Sale price£40.00 GBP
Joy's Closet Blue Nicola DressJoy's Closet Blue Nicola Print Dress
Joy's Closet Azelia Print DressJoy's Closet Azelia Print Dress
Joy's Closet Azelia Print Dress Sale priceFrom £35.00 GBP
Joy's Closet Orange Flora Cocktail DressJoy's Closet Orange Flora Print Dress
Joy's Closet Orange Flora Print Dress Sale priceFrom £35.00 GBP
Joys Closet Multicolour Flora DressJoy's Closet Flora Print Dress
Joy's Closet Flora Print Dress Sale price£35.00 GBP
Gina bacconi Blue Cheryl Dress and JacketGina Bacconi Blue Cheryl Dress and Jacket
Gina Bacconi Pelia Crepe Dress With Satin LiningGina Bacconi Pelia Satin back Crepe Dress
Save £150.00Gina Bacconi Blue Lois DressGina Bacconi Lois Jacket Dress With Tiered Bodice
Gina Bacconi Lois Jacket Dress With Tiered Bodice Sale price£149.00 GBP Regular price£299.00 GBP
Save £72.00Raishma Couture Burgundy Polinaa DressRaishma Couture Burgundy Polina Sequin Dress-120118
Raishma Couture Burgundy Polina Sequin Dress Sale price£73.00 GBP Regular price£145.00 GBP
Save £75.00Raishma Couture Green Eliza DressRaishma Couture Green Eliza Dress-120087
Raishma Couture Green Eliza Dress Sale price£75.00 GBP Regular price£150.00 GBP
Raishma Studio Printed Judy DressRaishma Studio Print Judy Dress-119603
Raishma Studio Print Judy Dress Sale price£95.00 GBP
Raishma Studio Thea Print Dress-0Raishma Studio Thea Print Dress-116570
Raishma Studio Thea Print Dress Sale price£35.00 GBP
Raishma Studio Yellow Stella Wrap Dress-0Raishma Studio Yellow Stella Wrap Dress-116560
Raishma Studio Kiera Printed Dress-0Raishma Studio Kiera Printed Dress-116550
Raishma Couture Blue Zofia Print Dress-0Raishma Couture Blue Zofia Print Dress-116539
Save £45.00Raishma Studio Pink Ruby Print Dress-0Raishma Studio Pink Ruby Print Dress-116528
Raishma Studio Pink Ruby Print Dress Sale price£50.00 GBP Regular price£95.00 GBP
Save £45.00Raishma Studio Gold Greta Dress-0Raishma Studio Gold Greta Dress-116519
Raishma Studio Gold Greta Dress Sale price£50.00 GBP Regular price£95.00 GBP
Save £47.00Raishma Studio Blue Jolene Print Dress-0Raishma Studio Blue Jolene Print Dress-116509
Raishma Studio Blue Jolene Print Dress Sale price£48.00 GBP Regular price£95.00 GBP
Save £45.00Raishma Studio Green Addison Print Dress-0Raishma Studio Green Addison Print Dress-116490
Raishma Studio Green Addison Print Dress Sale price£50.00 GBP Regular price£95.00 GBP
True Decadence Strapless Print Dress-0True Decadence Strapless Print Dress-115794
Save £8.00True Decadence Brown Print Ruffle Dress-0True Decadence Brown Print Ruffle Dress-115787
True Decadence Brown Print Ruffle Dress Sale price£135.00 GBP Regular price£143.00 GBP
Save £9.00True Decadence Floral Print Dress-0True Decadence Floral Print Dress-115733
True Decadence Floral Print Dress Sale price£70.00 GBP Regular price£79.00 GBP
True Decadence Mustard Cocktail Dress-0True Decadence Mustard Cocktail Dress-115705
True Decadence White Corded Flower High Low Dress-0True Decadence White Corded Flower High Low Dress-114974
Hide The Label Pink Acacia Print Midi Dress-0Hide The Label Pink Acacia Print Midi Dress-114622
Raishma Studio White Genevieve Floral Midi Dress-0Raishma Studio White Genevieve Floral Midi Dress-114210
Raishma Studio Mint Claudia Print Midi Dress-0Raishma Studio Mint Claudia Print Midi Dress-113665
Raishma Couture Purple Ayra Maxi Gown-0Raishma Couture Purple Ayra Maxi Gown-112719
Save £66.00Raishma Couture Navy Bella Cocktail Dress-0Raishma Couture Navy Bella Cocktail Dress-112524
Raishma Couture Navy Bella Cocktail Dress Sale price£199.00 GBP Regular price£265.00 GBP
Sold outRaishma Studio Blue Darcie print DressRaishma Studio Blue Darcie Dress-111880
Raishma Studio Blue Darcie Dress Sale price£35.00 GBP
Save £85.00Raishma Studio Yellow Lilia Print DressRaishma Studio Yellow Lilia Print Dress-111764
Raishma Studio Yellow Lilia Print Dress Sale price£50.00 GBP Regular price£135.00 GBP
Save £90.00Raishma Studio Blue Erin Print DressRaishma Studio Erin Blue Print Dress-111556
Raishma Studio Erin Blue Print Dress Sale price£45.00 GBP Regular price£135.00 GBP
Save £33.00True Decadence Green Plunge Maxi DressTrue Decadence Green Plunge Maxi Dress-110753
True Decadence Green Plunge Maxi Dress Sale price£80.00 GBP Regular price£113.00 GBP

How to Choose the Best Wedding Guest Dress

Got the invite? Here's how to choose the perfect wedding guest outfit.

Firstly, decide if you're actually going and let the bride or groom know as soon as possible so they can add you to the table seating plans and cater for numbers. This can take months and months of planning and they will really appreciate an early response.

Then check on the venue. Modern weddings can now be held in many different locations and don't always have to be in a church or religious setting. So it might be an opportunity to wear something less formal.

If the wedding vows are taking place during the summer months in the UK, opt for a floral cocktail dress with an optional shawl or jacket to layer up on cooler days. Hats are definitely a thing with a matching clutch bag and shoes to complete your outfit.

If you're lucky enough to have been invited abroad, always make sure your outfit is suitable to the climate. For example, make sure your gown is made from a cool fabric such as cotton if attending a beach wedding. We have lots on offer in this lovely edit above. Choose from print dresses and floaty chiffon styles which are so on trend for the new season.

Our wedding guest dreses selection also caters for a wide range of budgets. If you're loooking for a value item check out the AngelEye options or LBD Exclusive with.a variety of colours to suit your mood. Should you need a more luxurious look, see the large range of Gina Bacconi styles. Many of which have matching jackets as a complete look making wedding shopping easier still.

And don't forget, we also offer a smoother way to pay with options in the checkout to spread the cost of your payment.

Happy Shopping!