Team LBD promises to deliver trend insights to you, fresh from the fashion front line and we told you about this season's decorative fever well before Mary-Kate Olsen was wearing it to the 'Take Home A Nude' Art Auction in New York, in our article on Art Nouveau in fashion. We all love the little black dress but what with the weather being so miserable and the January blues not too far in the distance, we're going to want to add a dash of razzle and a touch of dazzle to our outfits for a seasonal uplift. Besides, it's the party season so you can afford to be a little extravagant like Mary-Kate. Last week it was little Olsen, Elizabeth, this week is Mary-Kate, now all we can do is sit back and wait for sibling, Ashley to wow us with another little black ensemble but for now cast your eye over some our favourites to emulate M-K's enviable style... [affiliate category_id=106 per_page=3 show_pagination=false]