The Little Black Dress office is divided about whether Lady Gaga's most recent racy lace creation is utter brilliance or sheer madness. Call us square but it's possibly the neon turquoise tresses that are fuelling our uncertainty? If this striking gown were photographed on any A Lister we would be in total awe but given Gaga's track history (remember that onion dress?), we're a little concerned for the reputation of our sanity! However, all the greatest of geniuses were a tad barmy so we're going to give this one to Gaga and accept that this latest madness is rich in season-savvy method. Gaga's risqué ensemble is a close relation to the collections being showcased on countless runways this season; Gothic-chic and fetish fashion trends are seducing a multitude of prolific designers. Sheer, floral-embroidered lace can be layered to create varying degrees of transparency, depending on how much you dare to bare! Long sleeves and high necklines create a subtle hint of flesh allowing you to ooze sex appeal whilst remaining stylish and sophisticated. Less is more with lace - simple accessories and sleek hairstyles complement chaotic Chantilly and make sure your LBD is more catwalk chic than Granny's curtains. If you are on the look out for a lacey LBD but want something that is a little more wearable than our quirky starlets, then have a look through some of our favourites from this season's drop.