A barely-there bandeau and skintight mini skirt underlay, swathed in a veil of celestial chiffon, that seemed to take on a dynamic life of it's own, as it wrapped and draped with feather-light precision- it can only be D&G. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have poured their genius into a stunning collection of dramatic gowns to tantalise you this season. Team LBD are head over heels in lust with this floor-trailing, off-the-shoulder design - despite still reeling from the impact of Olivia Wilde's Goth-glam, D&G delight earlier this month. Laura Haddock looked every inch the red carpet attendee, swaddled in D&G luxury at the London premiere of the most anticipated comedy since Kevin and Parry Go Large, The Inbetweeners Movie. Yes, after a relentless wait, it's finally here and suspending reality as the highly persued Ms. Haddock stars as gawky Will McKenzi's sizzling love interest, Alison. Laura may have been employed as the standard, blockbuster eye candy, but she certainly proved her fashion prowess as she shook off her character and stepped onto the red carpet to a sea of gaping mouths. An off-the-shoulder cut accommodates for elegant exposure, while the translucency of sheer chiffon wrapped around her midriff and draping over her never-ending limbs teases with stylish sophistication. We know a majority of the population will be rushing out to see The Inbetweeners Movie this weekend so if you fancy something a lot like Laura and Olivia's but possibly a tad more popcorn proof than a D&G gown then have a glance over our wearable favourites below.