From the classic Yummy Mummy to the classic cougar we've chosen our favourite, and most stylish, mother and daughter duos and the dresses you and your mum need to recreate their A-list looks this Mother's Day. KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY Matilda and Quinn Nancy Dress in Burgundy, Was £299, Now £179The Pretty Dress Company Vintage Wiggle Pencil Dress in Black, £95. This pair mean business! Of course that's to be expected as Tina and Beyonce work on the House of Dereon clothing label together, something that would also go to explain why the design duo has a similar and immaculate sense of style when it comes to photo calls for their fashion empire. Bey's Mum clearly taught her offspring everything she knows about seriously sexy style and in this burgundy hourglass-enhancing number the original diva gives her daughter a run for her money. But as a true believer in Girl Power, Queen B compliments rather than overpowers her Mum's choice by working a similar style of dress that flashes just an ounce more flesh. Good work ladies. To get this power pair’s well-tailored style we recommend these two sexy, body-con but business-like styles,the Nancy dress by chic officewear experts Matilda and Quinn, and in homage to Bey's sleek black cut, this vintage wiggle dress. THE MODEL GENERATION The Pretty Dress Company Charlotte Dress in Mustard, £95Kate Fearnley Long Buttercup Dress in Monochrome, £180. Following in her mother's footsteps, Georgia May Jagger has become one of the most-recognised faces on the modelling circuit and has graced global campaigns for the likes of Rimmel to Chanel. And with genes like Jerry's we can see why! With her teeny tiny figure and legs that go on forever, young Georgia is often found flaunting her figure in eye-catching shades and styles and this yellow body-con pencil number is no different. Back in the day Jerry wouldn't have thought twice about rifling through her daughter's attention-grabbing wardrobe, but with age comes maturity, something which is obvious in this season's age-friendly monochrome craze. Well, she does still know a thing or two about the runway! For Georgia’s banana bright look the Charlotte dress from The Pretty Dress Company will do the trick, while her mum’s monochrome chic is yours to have in a Kate Fearnley's bestselling SS13 Buttercup dress- £180. LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER The Style Standard Victoria Mini Dress by Sarah Clough Fundamentals, £105The Pretty Dress Company Polka Dot Dress, £95. They look alike, share the same clothes, we wouldn't be surprised if they shared a hair brush — with those matching glossy manes they're practically the same person! Except perhaps that one wears a slightly higher nude court shoe than the other (Kate, you rebel you). The apple certainly hasn't fallen very far from the tree with this pair; from the classic black dress, to navy wrap styles and the occasional printed design (teamed with the faithful nude court shoes of course), this mother and daughter have a VERY similar taste in fashion as is more than evident here. Match their timeless style in these elegant yet simple pieces; the simple black Victoria dress is the perfect way to steal Mummy Middleton's class and finesse and with the additon of a rather daring polka-dot dress you too could look like the Duchess. STAND BY YOUR MUM Roc and Doll Double Drape Back Dress in Cranberry/Fuchsia, £155Gorgeous Couture Bailey Print Dress, £190. Demi Moore hasn't had the smoothest of rides but throughout it all one thing has remained: Rumer. The ultra-short dress fans are rarely seen without each other and thanks to Ms Moore's refusal to age the two are more often than not mistaken for sisters. Demi loves colour and she looks great in it! Here her structured purple mini dress with flirty frills on the reverse couldn't be more perfect for a svelte woman of her age, especially with her sense of fun. In order to keep up with her Mum we love how Rumer has gone even shorter in her ruched, body-con LBD. Get gorgeous in the A-lister's favourite Gorgeous Couture Print Dress for Rumer’s thigh skimming style. Or for an equally youthful look guaranteed to send any single woman over the age of 40 to cougar town, try this tiny fuchsia frock from Roc and Doll. SEEING DOUBLE Hedonia Wanda Dress in Antique Flock, Was £80, Now £40Gina Bacconi Jersey Dress with Beaded Embellishment, Was £199, Now £139.30. Speaking of looky-likey mum and daughter combos! Kate Hudson doesn't have to wait for age to catch up with her to find out what she’ll eventually look like, and if we were Kate we wouldn't be too upset either. Kate's style is youthful but sophisticated, something that is evident in this short, embellished number which shows of her lithe limbs whilst the dip-hem style train displays her fashion credentials (if you've been calling a rock home for a while, the dip-hem trend is huge right now!). She's never been one to shy away from a shorter style whereas Goldie knows how to pull out all the stops for Hollywood glamour in a full-length gown. To dictate trends as Kate does try this figure hugging embellished Wanda dress for a perfectly flattering look with a mature edge. However, if old school is more your style work this Gina Bacconi Monochrome Midi a la Goldie. THE MOM-AGER AND DAUGHTER The Ultimate LBD - Short, £75, Lipstick Boutique Ruby Dress, £60. If you've ever seen Keeping Up with the Kardashians you'll know just how interfering Kim's mum and manager Kris Jenner is. And with her gaggle of daughters you can see she has no plans to be left behind in the style stakes or to be left off camera. Here the twenty five year age gap has made no difference in Kris' choice of hem-height, challenging that of her daughter's in this slinky black mini dress. We will give her a bit of credit for the tasteful blazer though which is more than we can say for Kim in this oh-so revealing lace body-con number. Although, if we had a body like that… For teenie-tiny figure-hugging style Team LBD suggests our very own Ultimate LBD, while for extra sexy lace the ever-popular Saturday night-friendly Ruby dress is perfect. THE ROLE REVERSAL Silence Beyond Syllables Beige Digital Print Dress, Was £139.50, Now £104.63Lipstick Boutique Leila Dress in Black, £75. Madonna’s look is one that causes a fair bit of controversy. Whether you think she is a feminist, age defying icon or mutton dressed as lamb she always goes for an eye-grabbing look. Equally her daughter has emerged as quite the little style icon in recent years, potentially to thwart her mother's love of the paparazzi. Here Lourdes is looking cute and age-appropriate in this on-trend printed shift dress (note: graphic print shift styles are the ultimate day-to-night look this season), while her Mum has taken another route in super sexy black lace. Frankly Lourdes we would be grateful that she added a thin veil of lace to her favourite leotard look. For the fashion forward individuals Lourdes’ style is available in our almost identical Silence Beyond Syllables Shift, Was £139.50, Now £104.63, which is in the sale! Similarly take inspiration from Madge (but maybe to less of an extreme) in a sexy Señorita style black lace dress. BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER Aftershock London Arketta Maxi Dress, £110, Kelly Ewing Ashleigh Dress, £150. Another reality TV duo, this pair has changed a fair bit over the years. Gone are Kelly’s chipped black nails and tantrums to reveal a fresh faced fashionista. And Sharon, well, let’s just say she’s paid enough to look that good… Full-length glitz and glamour is a style Mrs Osborne is familiar with. While her mum goes old school we can always rely on Kelly to bring a dash of new season cool and we are loving the on-trend touch or coral in this particular red carpet look. Kelly's cream and orange dream of a dress is the perfect amount of casual chic and is a look you can mirror easily in Kelly Ewing’s  SS13 Ashleigh Dress, £150. To get Sharon’s full-wattage this glittering Arketta gown, £110 will definitely steal the show. Shop all of the dresses from our mother and daughter style feature here.