When it comes to dressing to impress, the finishing touches are just as important as your show-stopping dress to ensure you’re a polished-to-perfection fashionista. Fashion trends come and go season after season and although you can never go wrong with a classic nude or rouge nail, unbeknownst to some your nails can be so in, or oh-so-out too. We spoke to Lucy from nail-art blog Lucy’s Stash to find out what 2014’s hottest nail-trends are, and get some insider tips to achieving the ultimate salon-style nails. Looking at nail trends from this year’s Fashion Week shows… nude nails dominated but they are very often complimented with some sort of nail art like single or multiple stripes, rhinestones or floating French; which is a French manicure along the side of the nail as opposed to the tip. Floral nails are still very on-trend as are patterns and bold colours, but I don’t think that nail trends necessarily follow fashion trends because they often compliment and sometimes contrast them to create interesting matches. But one thing I know for sure is that nail art is still going strong and nails are your best accessory! The nail texture trend is staying for 2014… and was really popular throughout 2013. Nail polish companies are still bringing out new textured polish collections and I personally love that! My absolute favourites are the Zoya PixieDusts with a fine sand-like texture in a lovely range of colours. My favourite nail trends are… textured nails and the half-moon trend, which I took to another level and created several lace-like half-moon designs. I love how romantic, gothic or edgy they can look depending on the type of lace pattern and nail polish used. However, my all-time absolute favourite trend is hand painted nails. I appreciate the skill, time and patience that goes into hand painted nails and of course there is no limit to what can be created! The square and round nail shapes are the most popular… but this really differs as each person has varying nail beds so different nail shapes will suit different people. One of the most important things you can do to prolong your manicure… is to spend some time preparing your nails. Always make sure you gently remove cuticles that are stuck to the nail using cuticle remover and a cuticle push-tool. If you paint over the cuticle it can start lifting and peeling. The next step is to get rid of an oily film on your nails which you can do by washing your hands with soap, wiping your nails with nail polish remover or using a dehydrator. Nail art is the perfect to show your personal style... whether yours is classic, feminine, glamorous, sexy or unique: