"Never be afraid of change. Own it!" says Princess Tessy of Luxenbourg, recently divorced and pictured putting her best foot forward at a glittering charity gala event.  Tessy is no stranger to Little Black Dress. The Princess showcases our dresses at high profile events across the globe in her role as patron and ambassador of educational and mental health charities. Read on for an exclusive interview  - and discover what Christmas looks like in the Princess Tessy household.

So what does a typical Christmas look like for a Princess?

There's no lazing around on a cosy sofa watching TV for Princess Tessy, instead she's busy helping others (or flying off to warmer climes to catch up with her godchildren). She says: "I help organise Christmas for homeless people - and every other year, I drop by the shelter in Luxenbourg on Christmas day and help out. I've done this for the past seven years. It is a very rewarding experience and I love spending time with wonderful individuals that need support  - or just a shoulder to cry on."   Caption: Tessy pictured wearing our Nataliya Couture dress Other than that, like any doting mother Tessy loves spending Christmas with her two young boys. "It's a very traditional Christmas celebration in Luxenbourg with our Christmas Eve mass and a big, juicy turkey the next day. Christmas is definitely about family." Gifts are the after diner treat on Christmas Day.  "Of course, it's exciting for everyone involved. The traditions in Luxembourg are pretty much the same as all around the world."

Does a Princess like surprises?

"I love surprises. It always makes me feel so special and loved." Tessy explains. It's been a difficult year for the princess, with her divorce from Prince Louis of Luxenbourg. They married in 2006 and have two boys, Gabriel and Noah. But she has continued her stoic devotion  to her family and to the charities that have become a driving force in her life. Princess Tessy explains: "At the moment I am an UNAIDS Global Advocate for Young Women and Adolescent Girls - aiming to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030 . I am also the patron of UNA-UK - who's mission is to build support for an effective United Nations . And a director of involved in the charity called Professors Without Borders , set up to educate and inspire people across the globe. “It's a social enterprise focused on providing higher education opportunities for students around the world. Our vision is to create a global community of academics." Tessy is also involved in mental health charities - she recently attended the NOscars - set up to continue to raise awareness of HIV and Aids with HRH Prince Harry as patron.

What are your aspirations for the next six months?

"To continue my  work in raising awareness of inequalities in the workforce against women. Expanding my  my charity work across Asia. Learning Arabic and starting my new job in January."  Phew, not much then?

Most memorable moment of 2017? Why?

An easy question for Princess Tessy, as she remembers the long-overdue holiday in Dubai with her two sons this October. But it was not only a chance to relax and unwind, the Princess continued her royal duties at the  Global Leadership conference , speaking in front of hundreds on the panel. Tessy explains: "What happened next I will always remember! It was just one of those precious moments. My sons talked to a stranger about me and I was very humbled at what they said. I know they love me more then anything in this world. However, hearing from their own mouths how much they are inspired and impressed with my work,  was just heart melting and I have never felt as proud as that moment in my life. It really put all my hard work into perspective and encourages me to do even more now." So, we've learned that Tessy loves Christmas, her family traditions and we have glimpsed her passion for charity work. But what of the royal grand ball? All princesses get invited to the ball, right? So we asked,  which is the most dazzling Christmas ball in memory and what did she wear? Princess Tessy, who lives in Kensington when she's staying in the UK, said: "In London, there are many Christmas balls. Each one of them is unique and enchanting with the beautiful Christmas decorations and colours. But there isn’t one that is specifically dazzling as in my view they all are. Of course this year, I will be wearing dresses from Little Black Dress. A brand that I really love due to the diversity of styles and designers. The dresses are always comfortable, dazzling and make me feel very confident." Caption: Princess Tessy wearing Nadine Merabi's Arabella in white

Favourite dresses worn so far?

"My most favourite dress was the Jora collection dress worn recently at the nOscars  this November. The dress gave me confidence to go on stage and address the crowd. I have also worn the Nataliya Couture brand, Nadine Merabi and I intend to wear Alesha Dixon's new dresses at up and coming events "

 What’s your perfect style of dress?

Tessy hasn't always worn glitzy gowns. From humble beginnings, Tessy spent her early adulthood in Khaki as she joined the Luxenbourg army at 18 and worked her way up to Corporal, before joining the NATO Peace Corps, where she met her future husband. Her tours of duty included war-torn Kosovo. But at heart, Tessy loves the feminine silhouettes of the flowing ballgowns. She explains:"I love big ballgowns. They always makes me feel special. Every woman should at least wear a big ballgown once in their lifetime. When it comes to designers I am quite flexible. In the 21st century the fashion industry is very diverse and fun. I am still young and enjoy to play around with different styles and colours."

Juggling working life with a family?

Princess Tessy's tips to coping with the stresses of daily life: "My priority is and always will be to my two sons. I always make sure that they are well taken care of and happy. This gives me the freedom of mind to do all my other functions and jobs. My advise, no matter how difficult or hard a task might seem, do it with kindness, love and precision. Other then that, never forget to take some YOU time too. If you're not okay, your family and work won't be OK too."

Favourite female icon – and why?

My favourite icons are Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana. A mix of both. I love the way Princess Diana approached life. She was different, strong and it took courage to step out of the box. Audrey on the other hand has an elegance one can but fail to admire. "I want to be as strong and different as Diana with a lightness and elegance similar to Audrey."

Sum up your life mantra in one sentence

Never be afraid of change. Own it.  

And finally. . .most inspiring quote?

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."– Carl Jung