Princess Tessy of Luxembourg is joining forces with Little Black Dress to champion change as we become a driving force globally. Read on to hear our latest news on Tessy's new and exciting role with us.

Princess Tessy has a new role with Little Black Dress

We are pleased to announce our new women's champion HRH Princess Tessy of Luxembourg. Princess Tessy will become a key advisor within the business, which counts Alesha Dixon as a director and shareholder. Princess Tessy will work with us to identify how we positively influence a range of challenges particularly facing mothers and women in modern society. Her first campaign will be working with TV personality Alesha to giveaway 1000 new dresses to new mums and raise much needed funding for the Refuge Charity, which supports victims of domestic abuse.

Princess Tessy Fashion Can Influence Well-being

Princess Tessy welcomes the new role: “I believe fashion and looking good can influence the well-being of all women. Obviously, Little Black Dress can provide access to an unrivaled range of occasion wear for all occasions . Whether it's from an important interview, to a prom, a wedding or even a fabulous ball. I’ll be working to identify how we can help women who really need a dress for such events but don’t have the financial resources. I’d hope that Little Black Dress will always help an unemployed woman find a dress for an interview. Or,  empower a new mum to look great at a christening or wedding. I’ll also work with Refuge to maximise the amount of support LBD can provide over the next 12 months.”

Alesha Dixon - Making Positive Social Impact

Alesha Dixon is enthusiastic about Princess Tessy’s connection with the business. She said: “Tessy is a real inspiration and is already helping so many woman around the world. I believe we are both advocates for women everywhere. I hope that Little Black Dress will continue its success while making real positive social impact."

Just who is Princess Tessy?

Caption: Tessy, pictured top L_R: On a royal parade in Luxenbourg; centre, as the royal princess; Top left with Prince Harry. Bottom left: with fellow committee members of Caudwell Children's Charity. Raising much needed cash for families in need. Right: Pictured with Made in Chelsea star and family friend Charlie Mills. Tessy served for five years in the Luxembourg military where she took part in the United Nations Mission in Kosovo. She received the UN medal of recognition. Other awards include: 2012 - the Order of Civil and Military Merit of Adolph of Nassau. In 2016 Tessy receives the Mrongovius medal of recognition for her work on spreading humanistic ideas globally. In 2017, Tessy is  the ‘Woman of the Decade ’ from the Women Economic Forum. She scoops this accolade for her work in women empowerment, security and peace. And finally, in 2018, Tessy gains the Global Empowerment Award for her work in the African regions and all around the world.

UNAIDS Global Advocate

Tessy is an UNAids Global advocate for Young Women and Adolescent Girls. She is the patron at the United Nations in the UK. Here, she tackles issues of sexual violence in conflict. Also, Tessy is the Co-founder of Professors Without Borders, a social enterprise that aims to bring quality education all around the world. She also holds the position as Director of VICE Impact for Europe, the Middle East and African regions. And, top top it all,is the VICE  Director of Special Projects. And, if that wasn't enough, she has her own consultancy where she works with global brands, institutions and individuals and advises them on a variety of topics.

Change for the Common Good

Privately, Tessy is a single mum of two boys, 11 and and 12 years of age respectively. Like millions of other women, Tessy tries to balance work and family life. CEO of Little Black Dress, Mark Evans, said: "We are a brand famous for fabulous. We are making sure Little Black Dress is bringing positive change for the common good. We are thrilled to have Tessy on board."