There’s nothing quite like the feeling of bagging a brilliant bargain is there? And there’s something even more satisfying about knowing nobody will find out. With our spree v steal LBD special, you can recreate a designer look from head to toe at just a fraction of the price. Trust us, no-one will know the difference! Being the true LBD lovers that we are, we just had to introduce the boat neck pleated dress by ACNE. Work or play, this little black dress is a great choice.  It features a fitted waist and flared pleated skirt, creating a feminine and flattering figure whilst injecting a bit of life into the sophisticated and smart black dress we all know and love.   At the sale price of £255 it won’t quite clear out the bank account, but for just a fraction of the cost, you’d be silly to miss out on this dead ringer courtesy of Scarlett Black. For an affordable £63 you can get the look and feel of ACNE’s designer dress with this little gem, the Double Skirt Noir Dress (below). Just like its designer double it also features a pinched waist and pleated skirt, providing you with a luxury LBD for a paltry price. We can assure you it will soon become your essential LBD. Don’t know how to complete the look? Don’t worry we've sorted all that out for you too. Whether you’re looking to spend or save our little black dress boutique has it all. Keep it simple with some timeless black heels. These leather patent court shoes by Just Anna Audrey Shoe, £219, (top image) will look great with absolutely anything, for any occasion. Or for a whole Scarlet Double Skirt dress cheaper these Bourne Agnes Shoes, £154, (bottom image) will do the exact same job. Steal or spree, it’s your decision! Inject some life into your LBD look with a statement necklace, such as the orb pendant. For £75, Bill Skinner has this stunning Antique Floral Necklace (top), or for a measly £19.95 you can bag yourself this Fiorelli crystal embellished bead necklace (bottom). And to polish off the look, go for a colourful and playful piece. Team LBD love these dark blue agate bracelets. For £65 choose this Tiger Stretch Bill Skinner Bracelet (top), or for a similar style get the toggle clasp Brandts Bead Bracelet (bottom) for almost half the price at just £36. For more delectable designer deals check out our designer section here. Or if you're looking for a more purse-friendly alternative Team LBD's very own collection is the one for you.