The A-list's favourite fashion designer turns 40 next week, and it's safe to say that the never-smiling yet hugely popular Victoria Beckham has achieved more than most in her four decades. She started out as a member of a world dominating girl-band in the 90s, and like a butterfly she has transformed into a beautifully stylish and highly coveted fashion designer.

Although she may have turned her multi-million pound fashion venture into a fully-thriving fashion empire, unfortunately for Victoria there have been some very questionable fashion moments along the way. Her Spice Girl days saw a closet full of crop tops and platforms and her early days of matching outfits with football hubby David Beckham would certainly have her cringing, although perhaps we should let her off, it was the nineties after all. She even set a craze that had hairdressers snipping off ponytails all over the country when she cut her hair in to a sleek blonde bob in 2007.  But it seems the Posh Spice fashion turn-around all happened when she began her own womenswear line in 2008, which she launched at New York Fashion Week.

Then, in matching leather Versace outfits to celebrate the Millennium...and now (right), opting for a far more sartorial style at an event in London, 2013.

Building up gravitas as a series of well-dressed celebrities began to notice her designs, her timelessly simplistic and beautifully structured pieces have picked up momentum and become one of the most anticipated collections at any fashion week. Mrs Beckham herself gushed, “I always dreamed of doing this. I wanted to do it when the time was right, I was very focused... it wasn’t about me, the celebrity, it was about the product.”

Amongst receiving awards for her coveted label, Posh has also landed herself as the British Ambassador of Dolce & Gabanna and has appeared on numerous British and international Vogue covers. Oh and did we mention she's also found the time to have four beautiful children whilst accomplishing all this? So to celebrate this admirable fashionista’s stylish 40 years we’ve put together her best LBD looks, as she proves the little black dress is timelessly versatile, from 90s girl-band-member mini-dresses to fully fledged runway-ready gowns.