The face of this year's National Wedding Day (yes, such a day does exist), presenter of Wedding TV, columnist for The Party Times, reporter for The Alan Titchmarsh show and TLC America and lover of all things glitz and glamour, The Wedding Fairy is the UK's undisputed number one when it comes to The Big Day. And we're thrilled to announce that he's also joining Team LBD as our new wedding fashion guru, helping you to look your absolute best in front of your friends and family. So we sat down with TWF (as he likes to be known) to ask that all important question: I've got a summer wedding coming up, what do I wear...?

"Scream a sigh of relief girls, your Wedding Fairy is here, ready and waiting to ensure your frock totally rocks the wedding guest list this year! Yes ladies, your Wedding Fairy has well and truly landed to make sure your journey to the aisle of love's sweet congregation is all pleasure and no chore. I am hysterical just contemplating how super-stunning you are going to look, waltzing that red carpet to the altar of someone else’s ‘I do’. Of course for many of us, knowing where to start with the full-on fashion crusade of wedding guest attire is the tricky part. Hair up or hair down? Hat, no hat or dare to try the fascinator? Max the blingtastic accessories or play it safe with subtle accents of detail? These are all vital questions that when left unanswered can turn a girl to drink! Pile on the added pressure that we are all essentially Cowell wannabes – judging every fashion statement in the congregation, highlighting those that are hot (and those that are most definitely not!) – and suddenly that outfit anxiety all of us suffer at some point starts to make perfect sense. Ultimately, we all want to hit the spot with an outfit that shouts timeless style and sophistication, whilst at the same time not fighting the overall wedding day theme. Not much to ask, right? Nobody wants to stick out like a sore thumb in the photo album and thus your Wedding Fairy is here to make sure you get it right for both bride-to-be and the fashion conscious voice in your head, courtesy of my friends at Team LBD. Take into account my three simple rules and trust me, nobody will be buzzing you out of the building... 1. HEED THE WEATHER

Firstly, identify and acknowledge that seasonal weather conditions should determine your outfit. And in the UK, that means being prepared for any eventuality! Overheating into a sweaty mess whilst tucking into the wedding breakfast is definitely off the menu, so keep cool in a long and flowing number (I'm head over heels for this blue Mascara maxi, just £89!) or bask in the sun in a bandeau style like the sweet and simple Hedonia Teresa Dress, £90. Of course, there's no sunshine guarantee when it comes to a British wedding, and when night falls, things can get chilly. There's nothing less attractive than a goose-pimpled glamour girl, so do remember to take a sensible cover-up. I'm talking bold, beautiful, feathered boleros and full-on frock coats. BLESSUS have the most darling Navy Dress Coat, £330. 2. READ THE INVITE CAREFULLY

Next up we need to pull out my secret weapon, that gem of knowledge that every girl needs in preparing for the big day ahead: the wedding invite. Yes, the answer to all your styling dilemmas lies within the invitation. This essential piece of kit holds all the pre-show clues to the entire look and feel of the wedding, which in turn should inform your own outfit. Take note of the chosen colour scheme as you could consider integrating accents of these colours into elements of your own outfit. Clashing palettes are a total no-no, unity is good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going matchy-matchy with shoes and bags when it comes to a wedding and Bourne have some really fabulous sets. Is there a dominant theme you can identify and run with? Perhaps one's invite suggests a vintage style celebration or maybe if it’s a hardcore glitzy number a bit of bling may be in order? Is the reception being held at the local village hall or a 5-star rural retreat? The venue is a total give-away in terms of identifying whether the occasion will be formal or a more relaxed affair, which ultimately answers all those lingering questions surrounding the panic buy of hat or head-piece! 3. IT'S NOT ALL WHITE ON THE NIGHT

Whatever the situation, a plain white or cream number is not an option. Some traditions are in place for a reason! Instead, opt for nudes, greys and black (gone are the days when black at a wedding was a fashion faux pas) or be brave in red and mix in some bold accessories or patterned pieces to take the edge off. I am clearly stating the obvious here but, the overall moral of the story is that a girl should dress to impress but never try to outshine the leading lady, even if you are a member of the bridesmaid brigade! Mind you, in my book the wedding guest must never simply be a spectator of the action either especially when one is single and ready to mingle! Many a Prince Charming has been caught at a wedding, Mr Right could be just around the pew… And on that note I will leave you to peruse the wondrous wedding guest wardrobe that is Big Kiss TWF xx Stay tuned for The Wedding Fairy's next post, Four looks to have you wedding guest wonderful. Shop LBD's wedding guest wardrobe in full here. For more on The Wedding Fairy