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Article: Black is the Hottest Trend for Fashion SS24

Black is the Hottest Trend for Fashion SS24
Celebrity Dresses

Black is the Hottest Trend for Fashion SS24

Black is the Hottest Trend for Fashion SS24. A note to the worthy, never throw away an LBD, its ability to resist change is undeniable. Just look at all the award cermeonies this last few weeks. Red carpets littered with black gowns. At the start of January 2024, most photographed celebrities were seen wearing a black dress. It has sparkled and sashayed up countless catwalks and graced many an after party this season (and we're only a couple of months into 2024!). No, the black dress is going nowhere. It remains a classic staple in an industry rippled with change for change sake.


How to Wear a Black Dress

So, why does a black dress never go out of fashion? Well, the answer is simple. It's strong, forgiving and like an 'old friend giving you a hug'. It is a vintage treasure. It gives sleek lines and flatters whilst appearing to have been put on with minimal effort. Wearing black is a statement, it's also a confidence booster and some of the strongest since the middle ages have worn a black dress to show authority.


Coco Chanel Little Black Dress Blog

Pictured Coco Chanel

Black gowns existed long before Coco Chanel had the remarkable insight of creating an LBD as a fashion icon in 1926. It existed before Betty Boop was featured in a racy little black dress in 1926. No it's history is embedded into many cultures signifying elegance, poise and sophistication. Socialites wore black in the early 1900s to show wealth and youth. In the 19th century, black evening dresses were the done thing, showcasing the height of fashion in wealthy ballrooms.

Audrey Hepburn may have been a huge catalyst in the 1950's following her fabulous LBD worn in the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany's movie hit. But the black dress has always been a fashion statement, and it seems it always will be.

How wear a Little Black Dress - blog

So, how to wear a black dress in SS24? Yes you can wear black to absolutely anyware including weddings, it no longer symbolises grief or mourning. Instead, it is seen as the opposite, symbolising excitment, it is far from boring often worn by the trend-setters and the aspirational.


Fans of Little Black Dresses


Fans of black dresses are: Dua Lipa, Zendaya, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie to name but a few. Dua Lipa stole the show at the Golden Globe Awards in January 2024 in a velvet black Schiaparelli gown embroidered with gilded bones and was the best-dressed star of the night. We can't show you the image (Copyright rules and all that jazz), but boy what an amazing dress! 

Meanwhile, Zendaya, the Emmy-winning actor turned heads with her arrival at the Paris Fashion Show 2024. She caused heads to turn when she wore the coolest, yes you've guessed it Schiaparelli gown, where she walked up the steps of the venue in a majestic black gown that evoked the glamour of Old Hollywood.


Margot Robbie on the Red Carpet


And a fab example of how to merge black with colour comes in the form of Barbie herself. The gorgeous and very talented Margot Robbie was seen at the recent BAFTAs 2024 wearing a stunning long black gown by Giorgio Armani Privé, a sleeveless column gown made from panels of black and pale pink fabric. We love the homage to pink but actually this was a black dress at its best. The bodice featured two black cups at the bust before the gown continued in one long line down her torso and hips. The gown was paired with black opera gloves that went up almost her entire arm.


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Almost got introuble - Little Black Dress blog

Linda Evangelista and Gail Elliot were known as the fashion elite in the 90's - they often wore little black dresses to all parties and events. As did Tina Turner often pictured in very short LBDs. They understood the power of black. Did you know black is not actually a colour? It's devoid of colour. The opposite is white (consisting of all colours). Just a little fact to throw in.


Wearing Black Dresses to be Fabulous 

Now, where were we? Ah yes, wearing black to be fabulous. Some people have said people wear black because it means the woman (or man) has far more important things to think about than his/her wardrobe. We could argue in the modern day world, wearing your favourite LBD could be an earth saver. Rather than putting your LBD in landfill, invest in a piece and wear it for ever.

Celebrities are continuing to flock to the fashion shows and red carpet this SS24 season in black including Florence Pugh (BAFTAS 2024); Naomi Campbell (the super model was head to toe in black at the above awards ceremony); as was Lily Collins (Emily in Paris) and Carey Mulligan (Saltburn); showing black is the hottest trend for fashion 2024 so far.


Little Black Dress fashion inspiration


BAFTAS black dresses lookalike celebrity gowns - blog

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 The Jadore Dress - Little Black Dress blog

Pictured: a new era of black dresses, The Jadore Dress available now.

So in conclusion, a black dress is the most iconic fashion item of all time so far. And we can only see this growing from strength to strength. All hail the LBD. . .





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