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Article: How to Woo your Valentine (and smash it)

How to Woo your Valentine (and smash it)

How to Woo your Valentine (and smash it)

Read on for How to Woo Your Valentine (and smash it)

It's that time of year again. The one where we are either in the Valentine or Galentine camp - which one are you? Loving the idea of fun and frolicks with your love match? Or want to paint the night, well, err red, with your mates instead?Whether you think you're into it or not, we know exactly how to make you fall in love. February is the month of love for Team LBD and we've got the best guide to nailing a stunningly perfect look that is as alluring and sexy (just like you). You just won't want to go back to jeans and a jumper again. Pile on the glam we say. Sparkles and red are not just for Christmas. . .here's our 5 tips on smashing it this Cupid's Day!


RED Everything!

Red represents images of lust and desire, it may be the stereotypical colour for this day of love, but don't knock it till you've tried it; there is actually much psychological reasoning behind it. Studies have shown that the colour red is known to be particularly attractive and sexy for all, stirring a primal sense of power and passion. If you're currently dating, this calls for a slinky red number! And if you're single, well let's just say, watch out, there's no stopping you in red.


LBD's guide to Valentine's Day - THE DRESS

So, how about first deciding on where you're going and who with? Date night calls for a sexy red dress. Don't worry if you've piled on the Xmas pounds after a winter hibernating, curves are in and as they say, it's all about confidence. Whether its a figure hugging bodycon gown aka our gorgeous Hourglass dress, or a long sparkle gown for that Valentine's Ball, we know you've got this.

The Hourglass Dress: Available in black and red

The Hollywood comes in ruby red or gunmetal grey. Shop here

The Sexy-Bomb Lip

So, we want to look like a goddess but don't want to resemble Kiss but without the make-up? This can go one of two ways. You might want to go bold to accentuate the pout and draw attention with a rouge lip, which will no doubt have your date leaning in. If this isn't your thing, you can go for a subtler, nude lip and dramatic eyes for a sexy yet natural beauty look that will fill your date's eyes with hearts.


The Paris Allure - How your Smell Attracts Others

Our olfactory senses are our most primal senses — alluring and captivating. Often known as the love hormone, we release pheromones (oxytocin), when we're attracted to someone, causing one to be drawn to someone's smell.

So, what we're saying here is don't put too much perfume on for that date night. Let your natural body scent literally do the talking. Your favourite perfume applied lightly is to be recommended. Maybe try something new if you want to spice things up for an established relationship.


How to Woo Your Valentine (and smash it) - Hair Tip


Choose something different; the opposite of what you're comfortable with - jumping out of your comfort zone might just attract the right kind of attention. A ringlet curl if you're used to poker straight, or flatten the frizz for a sleek, tamer style. Make them stare.



Another top tip, if you're opting for a romantic movie at the cinema, book in advance. These are the hot tickets in town the the best places get snapped up. Try something different than the usual cinema mega chain. Go more boutique, some cinemas now feature sofas, table service and drinks brought straight to your couch. And, remember, if you're going to the movies for your Valentine's date there's no reason why you can't look like a film star. You can keep it effortlessly totally chic with a simple, one-shoulder Millie Dress (below).

valentine's blog LBD - Red Millie

The Millie Dress available in black or red Shop Valentine's Day


So, here's your chance to go all out glitz and add some sparkle to your V-day drinks. A romantic favourite is adding cranberry juice to Prosecco, with delicious strawberries and raspberries added on a cocktail stick. Scatter gold leaf for the ultimate cocktail fit for the Gods. Yummy!

valentines cocktail

What will you be doing this Valentine's?


Team LBD

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