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Article: Felder Felder

Felder Felder
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Felder Felder

Homepage illustration courtesy of Bunny Bissoux FELDER FELDER: the brainchild of German, Central St. Martins graduates and prolific womenswear designers, Annette and Daniela Felder and a label which has evolved from cobbled press articles to a high flying, London based design house, adored by it's ever populating, cult following. Felder Felder has been embraced by keen fashionistas and a harem of prolific celebrities alike. Esteemed songstress, Rihanna, Oscar-winning actress, Gwyneth Paltrow and Florence Walsh of Florence and the Machine are amongst the procession of dignitaries who have adorned a luxurious Felder Felder design. With their admirable coverage in Vogue, Elle, i-D Magazine and The Sunday Times Style we can't pretend to be surprised at how enthusiastically embraced and rapidly absorbed into the fashion realm, Felder Felder has become since their launch in 2007. In fact, Annette and Daniela were awarded the New Gen Award for three consecutive seasons, just one year after their initiation, which supports the rise of emerging designers.  Their enviable success can only be accredited to their well-established signature aesthetic, which juxtaposes rock and roll style with flirtatious femininity in a glorious marriage of key fashion aspects. Annette and Daniela have recently designed the uniforms for posh-nosh establishment, Nobu Berkley Street in London, showing how their following extends way beyond the confines of catwalks and celebrities. Felder Felder produces luxurious garments that, whilst being ostentatious and profound beneath the surface, are still extremely wearable and accessible to the mainstream market. The Autumn/Winter 2011 line, that has been entitled their 'Muse' collection, features an array of sensational little black dresses that would make for a glorious alternative to the long evening dresses that we are so accustomed to. Goat hair-trimmed, leather chokers and embellished wrist cuffs create a quirky adornment to elivate clean cut designs to a celestial level making for a characteristic interpretation of designer eveningwear. Chokers and cuffs adhere to the Fetish Fashion trend that is erupting over Autumn and Winter, encouraging a woman's inner vamp to rear her ravishing head and express her subliminal vixen. The hardware accents contrast against the soft, base fabrics, satifying the intrigue Annette and Daniela have for opposites. Prehaps stemming from their life spent as identical twins, the designers have developed a burning interest in all things paradoxical, chanelling this curiosity into their designs which feature clashing textures and shapes. Felder Felder A/W 2011 The Felder Felder, Autumn/Winter 2011 collection has drawn great inspiration from the elements of nature which reflect elivitaion, power and domination such as thunderstorms, owls and ice. 'Everything with a powerful impact that gives its wearer an extra feeling of confidence, without ever losing a touch of feminity' as Annette explains. Environmental inspiration can certainly not be denied what with animalistic models stalking down the catwalks flaunting feather-clad dresses with glistening embellishments reminding us so strongly of razor-sharp icicles. Shoulders are exaggerated, hemlines askew almost giving the designs a sense of unease or discomfort; pain for pleasure, suffering to be beautiful like the elegant eagle battling the crashing storms. Annette and Daniela will be attending London Fashion Week next month, showcasing their eye-catching designs for the eagerly awaiting fashionistas. We urge you to catch a glimpse of their delectable designs firsthand to inspire your Autumn/Winter LBD wardrobe, which, we are certain, is hungry for a vampish revamp following the frivolous florals of the Summer passed.

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