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Article: Mark Fast

Mark Fast
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Mark Fast

Canadian designer, Mark Fast has established his label as primarily knitwear and boy, does he do it well. When thinking of knitwear you automatically conjure images of slouchy cardigans and winding scarfs; cover-up items for hiding from icy winds. Mark Fast invigorates this idea, translating chunky knits into slinky little black dresses, which are absolutely ideal for staying warm whilst looking fantastically fashion-forward. Being from Canada, we are certain Mark Fast can sympathise with us Brits who endure an ongoing battle with the dastardly weather of Blighty. We will most definitely be making our way down to London Fashion Week next month to see his seasonal collection in all its catwalk glory so as to enshroud our A/W 11 in warmth. Mark Fast has had a number of aspirational collaborations with high-profile figures in the world of fashion including Christian Louboutin, Swarovski and leading highstreet store, Topshop. A luxurious woolen LBD, teamed with a pair of patent Louboutins and draped in Swarovski crystals, just imagine!

 Mark Fast A/W 2011 Okay, now we have your attention once again, we're going to bedazzle you again by telling you how Mark Fast designs and produces his deluxe knitwear, by hand, on a domestic knitting machine. If nothing else, you have to admire him for that but you would surely be mad not to fall instantly in lust with the enchanting charm and character intertwined between every hand sewn, loop and stitch of a Mark Fast garment. With such devotion to the cause and with over a decade of experience in the cosy industry, it comes as no surprise that Mark has managed to initiate a knitwear evolution and devise a myriad of innovative stitching techniques. These invigorating methods include blending Lycra with luxurious wools, ensuring a flawless fit. Mark is greatly inspired by the infinite possibilities that come of mixing Lycra with natural fibres. It enables him to create sections of tension that sensually cling to the most desirable areas while loose knits generate a voluminous aesthetic for a more forgiving cut.

 Mark Fast A/W 2011 As Claudia Croft, a woman who is as infatuated with Mark's designs as we are, perfectly illustrates, knits have a more intimate relationship with the wearer then tailoring or corsetry. The garment takes on the shape of the person inside it and the finished look is always a collaboration between the two". We couldn't have said it better ourselves. The mysterious yet compelling bond between a woman and her LBD is something that inspires us to no end and the physical closeness of molded knitwear only strengthens the alluring affinity. The Autumn/Winter 2011 collection emulates the interesting notion of a wolf in sheep skin; a somewhat harmonious paradox between vulnerability and protection. Mark Fast has shifted from his comfort zone to create this collection, including harder textiles such as leather to contrast against plush wools. Applique woolen plaits, open loop knit and intricate weaves adorn the theatrical yet totally desirable designs, adding a strictness to the soft silhouettes; a textural juxtaposition that we advise you take full advantage of as the new season approaches.

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