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Article: Go the long way: Maxi dresses

Go the long way: Maxi dresses
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Go the long way: Maxi dresses

At times when you need a show stopping look — to wow the crowds and indulge all your award winning fantasies — only a maxi dress will do! Long dresses are about the old school glamour of yesteryear as much as the red carpet style of Hollywood today and can be dressed up or down for a night on the town or a casual garden party. Really, this is the most versatile statement piece in your wardrobe, so make sure you get your hands on at least one maxi dress this season. Team LBD are, of course, already on hand to help you make this important choice — petite or tall, slim or curvy, young or not so young — whatever your shape, style or age there's a maxi dress for you and your occasion right here... PARTY Diving right into style that is synonymous with long dresses, this Kelly Ewing dress is the perfect example of full-length glamour for a night on the tiles. Even with the full use of trend conscience embellishment, we suggest you don't stop there; go for maximum glitter with twinkling accessories and a dose of international influence with a Clare Hynes bracelet. This would be the ideal outfit for a premiere, but in the absence of a red carpet wear with bags of attitude and a matching sparkly smile! Maxi dress: Kelly Ewing Lily Dress in Nude, ¬£150. Get the look: Joy Everley Amethyst Ear Studs, ¬£59, Moda in Pelle Rizzlebag Clutch in Gold, ¬£69.95, Moda in Pelle Rizora Shoe in Gold, ¬£89.95, Clare Hynes Bao Bracelet, ¬£75. FORMAL When the old razzle dazzle isn't appropriate it doesn't mean you have to forgo your right to maxi dresses. In a monochrome designer maxi dress you can be the very definition of a classic beauty and yet the minimalistic colour palette keeps the look contemporary. Pearl earrings tap into our enduring love of Breakfast at Tiffany's when worn with this form-fitting frock, so they are a must while the gold bracelet adds a touch of high-end gloss. Maxi dress: Bernshaw Erica Monochrome Dress, ¬£375. Get the look: Joy Everley Pearl Ear Studs, ¬£49, Scarlett Black London Onyx Bracelet, ¬£20, Moda in Pelle Kalani Shoe in Black, ¬£99.95. GARDEN PARTY Given the time of year it would be wrong of us to not give you a garden party option. This Ruby Ray dress is a Team LBD favourite; the flowing material and print give the impression you have just emerged from beneath the waves, but without the Alice Cooper make-up effect... Play with spring hues with statement accessories like this Clare Hynes necklace in shades of blue, while flats make the look total hippy chic. Maxi dress: Ruby Ray Floral Print Maxi Dress, ¬£215. Get the look: Clare Hynes Shaoqing Necklace, ¬£150, Moda in Pelle Hollybag Clutch in Lime Green, ¬£59.95, Moda in Pelle Vivienne Shoe in Pewter, ¬£55.95. PROM A classic opportunity for maxi dresses is the prom. While the word might conjure up images of eighties' puffball sleeves and Never Been Kissed, the prom of 2013 is all about sleek sophistication with just a hint of Barbie. So what could fit the bill more than this streamlined maxi dress in fuchsia pink? Go all out girly with sparkly heels and adorn your look with hearts and flowers for proper old school cool... Maxi dress: HMH Couture Rosalind Dress in Fuchsia Pink, ¬£150. Get the look: Johnny Loves Rosie Mini Rose Hair Corsage Navy Blue, ¬£16, Johnny Loves Rosie Leaf Drop Earrings in Silver. ¬£16, Fiorelli Pave Heart Necklace, ¬£25, Moda in Pelle Sarrah Shoe in Ivory Satin, ¬£89.95. ALL COVERED-UP When working cover up maxi dresses you're treading a thin line between mysterious and matronly. However, when done right the absence of skin is incredibly alluring as in this Trinity Dress; the shade of nude is delicate enough to not be overpowering (and hints at the skin beneath!) and the ruching shows off the outline of your figure in a totally flattering light. Funky accessories are also a necessity as they keep the look fun and fresh. Maxi dress: Gorgeous Couture Trinity Maxi Dress in Blush Pink, ¬£232. Get the look: Johnny Loves Rosie Metal Headband with Beaded Leaf Detail, ¬£39, Fiorelli Snake Skin Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp, ¬£45, Moda in Pelle Judgement Shoe in Nude Patent, ¬£65.95. Shop all maxi dresses here.

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