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Article: 'Grunge Black', Nouveau Grunge, Glitter Grunge – Grunge is back!

'Grunge Black', Nouveau Grunge, Glitter Grunge – Grunge is back!
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'Grunge Black', Nouveau Grunge, Glitter Grunge – Grunge is back!

When you think of 'grunge' you may think of tangled tresses, roots down to your eyeballs and a generally grimey, 'I was dragged out of a hedge backwards, pushed back in and then dragged out backwards once again' look - but now grunge has grown up.

One black leather jacket, multiple fishnet tights (ripped), oversized slouchy knits and band tees (the bigger, the better), one pair of black biker boots (should be worn until disintegrated), one black bowler hat to prevent rain from making your kohl-rimmed eyes run and the ultimate accessory – a shaggy haired indie band member on your arm – better than any bangle, studded or not. Think tight floor length dresses, a favourite of Mary-Kate Olsen – queen of grunge chic, cut out panels, lashings of lace and plenty of leather and you have yourself a recipe for rock revival success.

The recent grunge trend is all about good girls gone bad, angels with dirty faces and we're drawing our inspiration from the original Godmother of grunge - Courtney Love, lead singer of band Hole and former wife of grunge icon Kurt Cobain who famously fronted one of rock's most legendary bands, Nirvana.

Being the Godmother of grunge, it is no surprise that the younger generations are taking elements of Courtney's signature style and working them in to the modernized, glamorous 'glitter grunge' look. Glamour grunge combines a hardcore image like Ms. Love's with more mainstream elements to create a 'dirty beautiful' style.

Celebs are taking the look on at varying levels of extremity from Kristen Stewart, who pairs an oversized band tee with some distressed jeans, to The Pretty Reckless front woman, Taylor Momsen who takes grunge to a whole new, contemporary level – often with a gothic twist.

Whether you're more glitter or grime, grunge is all about originality so don't be afraid to dig out last years LBD and take a pair of scissors to hem or sleeves – you're going to need the extra room when you're rocking out at gigs! Customisation is the perfect way to bring an old buried treasure bang up to date or put your own personal twist on your LBD.

If you don't want to go all out, you can pay homage to the trend by incorporating grungy elements into your wardrobe – claret lipstick, distressed boots or plaid shirts all do the trick. If you want to rock the look, see our selection of dresses below, which are perfect for dressing up and dressing down the trend.

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