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Article: Lady Gaga by Annie Leibovitz

Lady Gaga by Annie Leibovitz
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Lady Gaga by Annie Leibovitz

It was bound to happen. Ever since outlandish songbird-turned-fashion phenomenon Lady Gaga met legendary photographer Annie Leibovtiz during a Vogue shoot back 2010, we've been waiting for an exclusive collaboration between the two. And now it's happened! As these hot-off-the-press images show, Leibovitz and her Lady took to the chaotic streets of New York City in an unconventional defiance against the glamorous sets and extravagant backdrops that we have become so accustomed to. This ingenious juxtaposition of the everyday mundane motions of the city against the four, positively insane outfits that Gaga poured, synched and tucked herself into, will no doubt make for a far more visually stimulating spread. Lady Gaga began the shoot, propped against a hot dog stand, biting on the all-American snack in her typically seductive manner, wearing a stunning gold ensemble and skyscraper stilts (which caused an inevitable tumble). As the shoot evolved, Gaga proceeded to change into a classic Parisian, fur coat ensemble, later hiding her modesty with a feather-clad hat. The LBD blog regular also donned a typically ostentatious pigeon wing fascinator and sequin dress get-up before making her exit from the scene in a second-skin red vestment with voluminous sleeves. Just a regular day in the life of the Lady, we imagine! Leibovitz began her prolific career by shooting the front cover feature for Rolling Stone magazine, depicting Beatles legend, John Lennon in an unforgettable black and white image. She then went on and continues to capture the most unattainable, untouchable stars in a raw, genuine style.

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