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Article: Vivienne Westwood is making Angelina trés Jolie

Vivienne Westwood is making Angelina trés Jolie
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Vivienne Westwood is making Angelina trés Jolie

Did you just hear that? That thudding noise was the sound of several thousand LBD readers' jaws dropping to the floor. This week saw Angelina stepping out in what can only be described as a devastatingly gorgeous dress. The swathes of silky fabric, the exquisite cut and the feminine, contour loving, drape of the fabric are sending Team LBD's pulse racing transforming an otherwise plain, black, maxi dress into a thing of absolute beauty to behold. Yes, it could only be Vivienne Westwood, she's done it again. The iconic British designer manifests her signature tendency to defy the constraints of the mainstream fashion industry with yet another deceptive design, which at first glances appears relatively basic but has quirky twists and turns that just scream 'Westwood!' Who better to flaunt Westwood garb than undeterred heterodox, Angelina Jolie who breaks through the shackles of mass consumption on a regular basis; from vials of her lover's blood worn around her neck to her ever-populating array of body art. Perhaps her accessory choice of a Louis Vuitton clutch bag, which was handcuffed to her (very slender looking) wrist, conjoined with a chunky gold chain, is an ironic symbol of her relationship (or lack of) with social conventions. Tethering her wild spirit in the mainstream and anchoring her to the norm. Maybe, maybe not- it could just a lust for the new LV Lockit PM Devotion clutch bag or Angie's kinky reputation seeping through. Either way, if you're loving Angie's Vivienne Westwood 'Savannah' gown as much as we are (dress envy simply doesn't cover it) - we've got just the selection of floaty gowns to emulate her look and make the perfect addition to your collection of designer evening dresses.

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