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Article: Little Black Dress has gone stark raving Gaga!

Little Black Dress has gone stark raving Gaga!
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Little Black Dress has gone stark raving Gaga!

First dressing up as an animal who met its unfortunate fate on a butcher's slab and now as a lifesize onion"¦what ever will Lady Gaga do next? Melt herself down into a gravy-like liquid and write a song entitled 'Sunday Lunch at Grandma's'? Quite possibly. As difficult as it may be to comprehend, there is in fact a touch of method in Gaga's most recent madness. This garb was worn by Gaga when she made an appearance on Japanese television show Tesuko no Heya late last week. Gaga was paying tribute to the shows host Tetsuko Kuroyanagi who is dubbed 'Onion Head' for her infamous bulb-like hairstyle and the eccentric starlet chose to do so by sporting a collapsible, onion-shaped, little, black dress. Here at Little Black Dress we do love all things weird and wonderful but sorry Gaga, we think you should stick to what you do best – topping charts, not pizzas! We admire Lady Gaga's bravery for taking on such avante garde style, but this look is too extreme for most people to wear day to day. If you'd like to pay homage to Mother Monster with a more wearable style, take a glance at our recommendations below...

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