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Article: New Little Black Jacket exhibition

New Little Black Jacket exhibition
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New Little Black Jacket exhibition

Is there a male equivalent to the little black dress? An item of clothing that men have a true affinity with? Something that makes them feel sexy, stylish, special? We mulled this over in the LBD offices and concluded that the only thing that comes remotely close is the classic tuxedo. With its connotations of sophisticated cool, the tux is one the most quintessentially British and culturally iconic pieces of clothing in fashion history. And you don't get that accolade for nothing! To see the tux in all its glory, head down to London's Burlington Arcade in Mayfair, which is currently celebrating the tuxedo's 150 year-strong legacy; past, present and future. The London College of Fashion has collaborated with infamous Saville Row tailor Henry Poole to create and showcase a collection of modern interpretations of the LBJ. You can also see heritage pieces worn by infamous tux pioneers including Frank Sinatra and American author Truman Capote, whose bestseller Breakfast at Tiffany's is, of course, an all-time LBD favourite. The Little Black Jacket, 10- 22 September, Burlington Arcade

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