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Article: New Year New you!

new year new you

New Year New you!

January can be seen as just one long Monday, writes Gayle Evans. Once the Christmas lights are put away, life can seem well, a little less twinkly don't you think? But fear not. We're here to put the sparkle back into your days (and nights) with a few tips to keep smiling (and you've guessed it, some wardrobe ideas to see you through to Spring 2024).

Sparkle ( yes it's now mandatory to have sequins)

I love a bit of sequin and sparkle and it's important to keep these shiny little bundles of fun in our wardrobe all year round. Just beacuse it's not 'Tra La La La Dah' season, you can indulge your red carpet goddess at anytime of the year. If you have a fab sparkly frock already, wear it to your next party. Date night? Don the black LBD with sparkles on it. Visiting the pub? Mix it up with a champagne sparkle shirt with your jeans and a Prosecco. You get the idea. . .no rules, just you.

Hollywood Gunmetal Grey

Shop The Hollywood in Gunmetal Grey

Add joy into your wardrobe

I love colour. Colours play an important part in our mood and some people remain very cautious when it comes to mix and matching. As a bit of advice, I would start slow rather than go for full on colour blocking outfit. Buy a brightly coloured scarf or bag, add to your fav little black dress combo. Who says January shouldn't be the month of yellows, dreamy summer meadow watercolours and brightness? Here in the team, we love our WaterColour Dress for adding a smile to our day. It's a gown which is full of fun, glamour and greatness. It just shouts 'Good Mood Day'. Buy it now before it sells out, going fast. . .and yes, the pockets add another big positive, perfect for lipgloss moments and just toying with sass at your next occasion.

The WaterColour Dress : A celebrity love. Shop it here

Be Unique, Be You

I love January for completely re-setting absolutely everything. It's a time to indulge in a little me time, usually in a good book. Films and new drama series are shouting 'Watch Me' on Netflix and other good TV platforms. Forget gyms (packed to bursting in January anyway). Opt for meditative exercise such as Yoga or short walks in the fresh air. But my go-to for switchning off is a jolly good book. Yes, I do have a Kindle but give me a good paperback in my hands and I can disappear for the whole weekend. (Half of this time is actually spent just smelling the new pages, don't you just love that smell? :) Sheer heaven!

jumper dress

The jumper dress takes centre stage in January. Perfect for curling up in comfort and style. See our LBD Exclusive range.

Tips to Look after our Mental Health

  1. Get regular exercise. Just 30 minutes of walking every day can help boost your mood and improve your health. ...
  2. Eat healthy, regular meals and stay hydrated
  3. Make sleep a priority
  4. Try a relaxing activity. Just a deep breath can change a mindset ...
  5. Set goals and prioritiesbut not too far. Live in the moment more.
  6. Practice gratitude
  7. Focus on positivity. ...
  8. Stay connected (ring your bestie, reach out to those isolated or alone).

Happy New 2024 everyone! Let me know your thoughts on how to cope with the first month of the year and we will share with our readers. . .

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