Above: Coco Chanel working her magic
Below: Elsa Schiaparelli 1938, Vogue.co.uk

1930 coco’s great fashion rivalry

Chanel wasn’t the only woman making waves with her designs during the 30s. A rivalry began to develop between Chanel and Italian designer, Elsa Schiaparelli, whose style varied greatly to her own. While Coco was besotted with the classics, Elsa’s passion was for individuality and expression of personality. What ensued was one of the greatest fashion rivalries of all time as both women fought for the affections of fashionistas worldwide. As Coco launched her Chanel suit, Elsa introduced her green chameleon gloves with gold ruffles sprouting from the fingers, and smart black suit jackets with red lips for pockets. Chanel dismissed her rival as “that Italian artist who makes clothes”. Whilst to Schiaparelli, Chanel was simply “that milliner”. It was an unsettling time for the queen of haute couture. However, in 1954 the House of Schiaparelli shut down, whilst Chanel’s iconic and timeless styles endured.