Met Gala 2019 is always a great spectacle - but this year's extravaganza beats all. Some may argue this year's theme was impossible as celebrities were asked to portray the trivial in a theme simply titled "Camp". Read the blog for the best dresses sweeping across this year's pink carpet and a glimpse at the good, the outrageous and the drop dead awesome. . .

The Met Ball - Charity Fund Raiser

So, what is the Met ball? The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute is a charity fund raiser, where celebrities dress up in extravagant outfits to have dinner at the Met. It's famous for parading celebrities like candy in a sweet shop. This year, the theme was camp. And everyone was on high alert to expect the unexpected.

Firstly, let's start with the many changing outfits of Lady Gaga. Not one to shy away from the limelight, Lady Gaga is a woman of many layers - quite literally. Going from pink to black - and later in simple under garb. We're not too sure if Lady Gaga simply couldn't make up her mind and decided to opt for all outfits at once as a last minute decision - often a major cause of a woman's wardrobe malfunctions.


Key themes of the Met Gala

We saw many key trends coming through from elaborate trains, pinks, tiers, feathers and satin. But one trend we won't be taking away this year is the theme of wings. We loved Billy Porter, the “Pose” actor, wearing a golden bodysuit and wings in a tribute to one of the looks from the 1975 Diana Ross film “Mahogany.” Yep, it looks really, really fun but not so great when one wants to get to the bar?  Celine Dion showed up to exhibit the 'joy of living' and Cara Delevingne also portrayed a vibrant happy theme in a striped outfit similar to a rainbow lolly - complete with a five-a-day head garb. Try our bright print dresses for a steal on the stripey theme.

Lilac and Orange - Create Impact

Meanwhile, The Jenner family caused a predictable stir - like them or not, they really know how to create impact. We're loving the lilac and orange combo from the two sisters. Lilac is fast becoming the hottest colour trend for this year's prom and it's a fabulous new hue giving a feminine aura to your party vibe. And what a perfect contrast to opt for orange - we knew feathers would be top of the agenda this year, but many celebrities surprisingly side-stepped this accessory. For similar prom vibes discover our Prom Shop. Gemma Chan told the New York Times how intense it was coming in after the Jenner sisters. But, we think she looked simply stunning in her amazing head dress and had nothing to worry about. Loving the silver chain mail vibe and the strong shoulders from Gemma's look. Many celebrities played it unsafe, Katy Perry's outfit as two chandeliers was definitely a light bulb moment for someone, not sure who really. Katy herself admitted she wouldn't be sitting down at The Met Gala - her later garb as a hamburger looked slightly more comfortable for movement. Not sure what theme Katy was going for but it certainly hit the headlines.

Hot Pinks

Hailey Beiber created a stir wearing delicate pink in a stunning high neck backless sweeping gown. Try our Cari's Closet for similar vibes. We love the Cari's Closet jumpsuit but there's also pleats and delicate pinks to select in the new summer range. Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries struck a pose on the pink steps on her way into The Met Gala 2019 wearing this gorgeous mini marvel. We think our new Nataliya Couture mini dress is a similar vibe and perfect if you wish to opt for a short prom or evening dress to make them stare. This sleek satin pleated dress is another key trend emerging from this week's Met Gala. We love the sleek lines of the satin fabric in Gisele's dress. Opt for this Saint A long sweeping maxi gown for a copy cat vibe. The pink Caprice satin dress will also make an ideal bridesmaid style for a perfect retinue line up.


Meanwhile, celebrities at The Met Gala dazzle in metallics - proving gold and silver is not just for Christmas. Rita Ora and Kate Moss rocked in metallic shimmer. As did the amazing JLo in this silver sparkling maxi dress complete with thigh split. We love Nataliya Couture's silver Bella maxi dress for JLo's style. Or, try our own sequin party dresses for similar vibes. Discover maxi dresses with equal metallic vibes aka Goddiva's Stephanie Pratt V neck metallic gold dress of Jywal's gold embellished 1920's maxi gown. Capture Zendaya's blue princess vibe seen at last night's Met Gala with our Dynasty princess dresses. We love this marine blue embellished gown as a style steal. The Met Gala 2019 blog - Little Black Dress